Brianna Caregiver


The responsibility Brianna views as the most important is taking care of the residents and prioritizing them over anything else. She feels it is important to note that this is the last stop in their lives so making them happy is the least we can do for them. Since she came into the job with no experience at all, the best thing that has been most helpful has been on-the-job experience along with experienced co-workers.
"I feel like I have a different story in how proud I am of being a part of this company because I have been here from the beginning. I have seen this company grow from an idea into how it is today. I saw the house when it was first purchased, and I have been here since the first resident moved in. I am very proud when I see random people looking up that The Harbor Senior Care’s website because then I know my Mom has made it, and I feel proud that I’m involved in it, and that I’m one of the people that has made the company the way it is today."