Skylar Caregiver


Skylar is currently taking her Gen Ed’s at Southeast Community College and plans on furthering her education at Bryan College of Health Sciences. She wishes to enroll in the Sonography program. When she is not at the Harbor home, she usually spends time with her friends and family, as well as her dog Marley.
"Being able to feel at home here is what I love the most about this job. Knowing that I come here and I am treated like family is something that I will take with me forever. I feel so proud and blessed to be a part of this company. I am constantly talking about how much I love being part of the Harbor family with anyone who is willing to listen. I am most proud when I show up to work and I’m greeted by all of the residents with a smile and I get to talk to them about their day and they always ask me about what's going on in my life outside of being here. I am truly shown love from all of the residents and it is so rewarding knowing that the littlest things make the largest difference. Working at the Harbor is a great representation on how love isn’t just given here it’s reciprocated on both ends."